Cosmetics by Plastethics

Just a few steps away from the bustle of Kurfürstendamm’s shops and cafes, the team of the Plastethics Clinic awaits you. We offer first-class service, luxurious facilities, and a break from the hectic rush of everyday life. Stop by for your dose of vitality, youthfulness, and relaxation.

Our offerings span the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery. We maintain our operating room with state-of-the-art equipment attuned to perfectly meet the physician’s requirements, providing a pleasant, efficient environment for the renowned medical professionals from around the world with whom we work.

Cosmetics by Plastethics

Institut für medizinische Kosmetik
Schlüterstraße 40
10707 Berlin

Phone: 030 67969880

Our claim

Situated amongst the international flair of Kurfürstendamm, we are happy to welcome patients and physicians from all over the world to the Plasthetics Clinic. Beyond the impeccable medical care provided via the clinic’s specially equipped facilities, you’ll appreciate the feeling of stepping a bit away from everyday life into a world where beauty and a feeling of security define the moment.

„Schönheit ist die vollkommene Übereinstimmung des Sinnlichen mit dem Geistigen. “
(Franz Grillparzer)

Our Service

Alongside our language proficiency in English, Turkish and Russian, the close attention we pay to particular extra considerations will enhance your sense of specialized care. We are happy to cater to cultural differences. Beginning with breakfast, our patients can individualize their meal according to their diet, be it kosher, halal or vegan. Beyond the removal of language barriers, it is further demonstrated in our service – even in seemingly simple provisions like internet access, an international television program, or a helpful arm to hold on to for that first post-procedure stroll. This also entails accommodation for relatives and visitors in nearby hotels, organizing leisure activities in Berlin’s cultural landscape, and a range of further offers to be enjoyed whether in your room, the clinic, or within Berlin.

Our staff inquires about the specific needs of our clients in advance of their visit, preparing all so that nothing stands in the way of your complete well-being and recovery.

„Was dem Herzen gefällt, das suchen die Augen.“
(aus dem Volksmund)